Speedtest and Diagnostics

This Firefox extension performs speed test of Internet connections and provides basic tools for broadband troubleshooting.

1. Basic operation:

When Firefox fails to load a webpage (try this with a non-existent domain such as wewewasasas.com), the extension will automatic check whether the Internet connection is working or not.

If the Internet connection is working, further tests (e.g., ping, traceroute, Google cache, Internet archives or whois) can be performed.

Perform speedtests and detailed diagnostics by starting the extension from the Tool menu (See the screenshot). Note that "Run Diagnostic Test" and the "Show Configuration" functions (checking NIC card, gateway router, DHCP etc) use XPCOM to call Windows' functions and therefore only run under Windows.

2. Installation:

Install Broadband Diagnostics from this link.


You may see a yellow bar that says "Firefox prevented this site (www.extensionholic.com) from asking you to install software on your computer". To allow the installation to go ahead, click the Edit options on the yellow bar, click Allow and Close. You then click the download link again.


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